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103 Attentive Road safety Slogans & tagline ideas

Written by Danish Ali

You are alive if you are safe. Safety is the must thing for everyone living on the earth. Road safety comes first as we all have to travel more or less every day. Governments spend a huge amount and a big deal of time to create awareness among people about road safety. Best Road safety slogans are a great way to remind the public about how important it is to follow the traffic rules. There are a lot of accidents every day that can be avoided by just following the safety rules. Accidents not only cause financial loss but can also result in casualties.

Human life is very precious. There is no substitute for human life. So stay safe for you and your family. Slogans can draw the attention of the people to the issue. By communicating with people you can increase their awareness through traffic awareness slogans.  

 Do safety slogans help reduce accidents?

Well, the answer is to some extent yes. Posting safety slogans everywhere and communicating with people can bring a lot of change. A safety slogan displayed on the road never goes unread. And as soon as we read the message our brains save the information. And processed information always shows up in o your behavior. It helps the public to act on the message in certain situations. so good safe driving slogans have the power to remain intact in the memory and comes to the mind when it comes to acting upon. What is traffic awareness slogans and how to write it, let’s see in this article. 

What is the slogan? 

A slogan is a short catchy phrase that describes the event, issue or matter of importance. It draws the attention of the people to the event. Slogans can draw public attention to the importance of traffic rules and their benefits. 

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How to write road safety slogans? 

Slogan writing is a creative and interesting task. While writing slogans for road safety you need to highlight the importance of human life. Your message can save lives. 

Tips for writing a road safety slogans

While writing slogans just keep in mind these tips and you will get a strong convincing slogan. 

  • Firstly, Keep your slogan short and simple.
  • Secondly, Define the importance of safe driving and avoidance of accidents. Life is the most precious thing one has. So everyone should protect not only his own life but also the lives and property of others. 
  • Make a memorable slogan so that it can stay in memory. 
  • Use rhythm, rhyme, and ring. 
  • Make a timeless slogan. Road safety is for everyone and for all times. 
  • Lastly, Get inputs. You can involve the general public, students, and traffic control departments to generate slogans. 

Why road safety slogans are important? 

Slogans are a vital part of campaigns. A slogan can draw attention more easily to the issues. They save in memory and affect your unconscious mind. So a slogan read on road safety never goes unattended. It is saved in your unconscious mind and compels you to act on rules. Life of everyone is precious. So there is a strong need to make people abide by the traffic rules so they can’t endanger their own or anyone else’s life. 


Attentive Road safety Slogans & tagline ideas

  • Little Late is better instead of death
  • Follow rules for a better life
  • Keep safety in Mind
  • Respect rules and follow them
  • Take safety route
  • Be calm, be cool
  • Don’t cheat, Drive slow
  • Don’t break the rule
  • Respect road rules
  • Because you deserve a better life
  • Drive slow, Try not to throw
  • Take care of your life
  • Because your kids need you
  • Don’t harm yourself
  • Don’t take risks
  • Smart drive for live life
  • Your safety depends on you
  • Have a safe ride
  • know the value of life
  • You don’t need speed
  • Keep safety in your mind while the drive
  • Be attentive when driving
  • Look at the signboard
  • You will regret if you forget
  • Never forget safety rules
  • Rules that save your life
  • Always Be Careful
  • Be Alert, Be Alive
  • Because your family needs you
  • safety Awareness is the key to life
  • What happened when you die
  • Follow rules For your Family
  • Be aware Take care
  • Road safety is cheaper than hospital trip
  • Think smart before you start
  • Safety on focus
  • We win when safety in
  • Don’t be a Fool, Follow the Rules.
  • Take it slow.
  • Normal speed everyone needs

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How to test a road safety slogans? 

After brainstorming and generating slogans the next step is to test the effectiveness of your slogan. You can ask for Jews from your fellows or the general public. Just ask these questions.

  • Does the slogan convey the message properly?
  • Is the slogan original? 
  • Is it easy to read and remember?

Follow the answers and it will give you a better insight into the Slogan. Besides this, you can also go for voting on social media for or against your slogan. Or just give them a choice to select the most suitable. 


Where to use your slogan?

 It is important to use road safety slogans in places where the message can reach most of the people. Road safety slogans can be written in different places.

  • Firstly, On posters, billboards, and highways
  • Secondly, Near the traffic signal.
  • In all kinds of advertisements and awareness campaigns. 
  • On-road safety awareness brochures
  • In social media profiles 
  • Lastly, On the vehicles and back of your cars. 

Some final talk.

Here in this article, we have gone through the need, importance, and process of slogan writing. Some examples also have given to choose from. But still, if you have some queries please feel free to write to us at or comment below with your details.  

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