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121 Funny Toy slogans and Taglines ideas

Written by Danish Ali

Are you interested in selling smiles on children’s faces? Or you already making them smile? or looking for Toy slogans or toy taglines for your toy store? Then it’s time to give a boost to your business with a strong marketing strategy. Toy stores are popular among children and a good way to earn handsome profits. children always need toys. They need it on every happy occasion of their life. And children always have space for new toys.

If you have adequate knowledge of toys then jump into this business. Just bring some innovative ideas to attract children to your store through some amazing Toy Store Slogans. A comprehensive marketing campaign is a good idea to attract customers. But no marketing plan is complete without a slogan. A slogan brings a remarkable increase in your business. so get perfect toy shop slogans from this article but first, you have to know What is a slogan and how to write it? Let’s have a look at this article.

What is the slogan? 

A slogan is a short, catchy phrase that gives an introduction to your business. It describes your company or brand. Every slogan has a goal, meaning, and inspiration. To leave a message in the mind of the customer for later buying. The slogan makes your brand different in the market. 


How to write toy slogans?

Writing a slogan is a bit tricky and innovative task. You have to consider many points to create a good slogan. A good slogan immediately captures attention. Writing a slogan for a toy store is a bit different from writing slogans for other businesses as the toy store’s customers are usually children. So you have to think like a child to attract a child. While writing a slogan consider these points.

  • Firstly, Keep your slogan short and simple 
  • Secondly, Make a memorable slogan. The use of rhythm, rhyme, and ring makes it easy to remember. 
  • Thirdly, Describe the key benefits of your toy store. What different and uniques features you have to attract your young customers.
  • Address your target market. Whether you own a small shop or going to launch your brand nationwide, you must be aware of your target customers and their mindset. 
  • Stay honest with your customers. Don’t advertise the feature not relevant to your toy store. 
  • Be consistent. Show your consistency in logo, store name theme selection, and slogan.
  • Lastly, Get inputs. Try to involve your workers, friends and family members in the generation of slogans. 

Types of slogan

There are two types of a slogan that combined together make a good advertising plan for your store. 

  1. Business Slogans
  2. Advertisement Slogans
  • A business slogan that represents what business you are in. It helps you establish your brand.
  • Advertisement slogan that is created according to marketing needs. Used in commercials or other forms of advertisements. 

Why slogans are important? 

Slogans were okay a vital role in the growth of your business. It serves three purposes.

  • Branding 
  • Making your brand a difference
  • Compelling customers to try your products

 thus in such a way, not only does it increase your sales but also serves to build you into a huge brand. Insurance of quality, innovation, and trust in your slogan will attract customers to a toy shop. If your slogan is successful in gaining the attraction of the customers, the rest of the qualities will definitely make their way in their hearts. So they would give you repeated visits as children do not end up buying toys on different occasions of their life. 


Catchy Toy Slogans & Taglines

  • We know whats your child want
  • All you kid wants is here
  • All about kids
  • Know the value of a toy
  • Toy teach a lot to your child
  • Toy master here
  • Delivering happiness through Toys
  • Your kids best friend
  • Because they deserve more
  • playing with a toy is your child right
  • Every toy has a story
  • Toys that teach
  • It’s not just a Toy
  • we bring smiles
  • Aim to make everyone happy
  • It’s more than a toy
  • Grow with love
  • A place for every child
  • make memories with toys
  • a toy is better than mobile games
  • Oh, my Baby!
  • The natural way to play
  • Learning, Fun together
  • Toys for all kids
  • Town’s best toy store
  • An ideal toy for your prince
  • place For toys lover
  • little spent on your child
  • everything you need.
  • We’re mad about toys.
  • Good quality Toys here
  • Because of its all about kids
  • Explore with Dora
  • Toys that gives a lesson
  • Show your love to a little one
  • perfect toy for the perfect boy
  • A toy to stop crying kids
  • Control your baby with a toy
  • toys are essential for
  • treat your baby like a king/queen

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How to test your toy slogans? 

     Giving your slogan a test is also a good idea. After brainstorming and writing down the proposed slogans it’s better to take reviews of your team members. so Just ask these three questions.

  • Does it describe your toy store?
  • Is it easy to say and recall?
  • Is it original? Customers may not mistake it for some other brand. 

Note down the answers carefully and the answers will give you the true picture that your slogan draws in the mind if the consumers. 


Where to use your Toy slogans?

Once you are done with the selection and trial of the slogan, the final step is to choose a good place to write your slogan. Choose a place where it can get attention if the customers especially children. so Here are some places.

  • Firstly, In the header or footer area of your web pages
  • Secondly, On your visiting cards
  • In the advertisements and marketing campaigns of your toy store
  • In the business listing 
  • On the packaging bags of your toys.
  • In all your social media profiles.
  • Lastly, In your official email signature 

Some final talk about Toy Slogans.

in conclusion, Slogans create a clear perspective if your business into the minds of the customers. so If you are successful in attaining this goal, half of the job is done. Here in this article, I have helped you much through the slogan writing procedure. Some examples are also given. Still, you have worries.? No problem. We are here. Just let us know at Or comment below with your toy store details. 

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