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127 Best Cooking slogans & Taglines ideas

Written by Danish Ali

Are you interested in starting a cooking business or want to enhance your small cooking business into a big restaurant or company? So you need some suggestions and guidelines for this purpose. Here we came up with some very informative cooking slogans ideas that definitely help you out and solve your business problems.

Cooking is the art of preparing food that is started around 2 million years ago, cooking is done by professionals cooks and chefs in restaurants and other food establishments. In this article, we listed catchy cooking slogans for you so that you get some idea and create your own slogan about cookery.

There are some basic methods of cooking used in our society. so the first one is dry heat cookery methods and the second is the moist heat cookery method. 

Dry heat cookery method

In dry heat cookery method food is being cooked without water. The food is left dry and heat is applied to cook the food. Such methods of cooking are baking, steaming, grilling and roasting. 

Moist heat cookery method

In moist heat, cookery method liquid is used as a medium to cook the food. Such a medium could be water, coconut cream, and oil. The moist heat cookery methods include boiling, stewing, shallow fry, deep frying, etc 

So, first of all, you have to decide what type of cooking you want to start and why. Nowadays cooking business is a good option because everyone Wants to eat new dishes and change their taste. It depends on you that you want to start a small business of cooking or on large scale like restaurants. It totally depends on your budget and choice. 

What Is the slogan?

In a cooking business, a slogan is a catchphrase or small group of words that are combined in a special way to represent your business of cooking. Mostly foodie people attract quickly towards the slogan and want to taste and check the new tastes. The goal of a slogan is to leave a key brand message in a consumer’s mind. 

How do you find a good slogan?

A good slogan is one who creates a good impact on your target audience. A good slogan is brief and memorable. 


How to write Cooking slogans? 

When we write a slogan for a business. It depends on the business. That what type of business you are going to start and what type of slogan you require for your business needs. If we talk about cooking business slogans. Keep it short, when it comes to marketing restaurants, short and sweet is always a good idea. 

  • Stay away from generic language 
  • Strike the right tone
  • Don’t over-promise 
  • Avoid redundancy 

Tips to write perfect Cooking slogans/taglines  

As we describe earlier slogan should always short and catchy. So keep in mind that the slogan is always memorable. Slogan always with rhythm, rhyme, and ring. Stay honest with customers. so If you are going to give healthy food to your customers. Make sure it should be. Healthy and hygiene food is your first priority. And mention your healthy food promise in your slogan too. 

Tagline vs slogan

A slogan is intended to be less long-lasting and more flexible. They are often used in advertising campaigns. (And maybe changing) 

A tagline is about the business itself and should stand the test of time ( it does not change) 

Benefits of the slogan

Slogan helps you out to market your cooking business. So it should be memorable so people can recognize your restaurant and cooking business quickly without long thinking about what it means. A few brief and strong words can go a long way. A slogan can be described benefit of the customers. so A good and informative slogan makes you different from your competitors. If your slogan is positive it gives a positive impact on the target audience. 

Why Slogans & Taglines are useful?

More than 100 years ago, every company used slogans in their advertising. A slogan if it’s good to become the centerpiece of a company’s identity. And if done poorly it gives the wrong message to the customer and your customers drive away. 


Catchy Cooking slogans & Taglines ideas

  • Feel the best taste
  • try new recipes with us
  • taste inventer
  • Speak with the taste
  • What’s that smell?
  • Good food changes the mood
  • we serve the best food
  • Get Rich taste
  • Good food is like friendship rich, and warm
  • we cake freshly
  • Have it your way.
  • try new flavor with us
  • The food scientists
  • So yummy
  • Let’s cook food
  • the variety on your plate
  • Delicious Food jumping into the mouth
  • Savor the Flavor
  • Start the day with great taste.
  • change your mood with food
  • from pot to mouth
  • Where our expertise is still a family tradition.
  • Passionate about food
  • It’s always hot
  • Taste as good as it smells.
  • The tastes from space
  • the variety on your plate
  • we cook that you want
  • The secret is at the table
  • We know how to cook
  • you gonna love it
  • good taste matters
  • Experience the new taste
  • Oh it’s so tasty
  • Food with the real taste
  • spend less, eat best
  • We provide Mouthwatering food
  • Have it and enjoy it
  • Food that melts your heart
  • Flavors that are unforgettable
  • Good food is our goal

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How to test your Cooking slogans?

You are going to start your own kitchen or restaurant. So you need to check your slogan whether it’s effective or not. So to confirm this you have to test your slogan on some people, related to the cooking field or other. Ask them, give a vote and tell us is it a good slogan for our business or not.? If more votes go in favor of your slogan choose that one. But if your voting is low then choose another one. Which has more votes? It’s the best way to check your slogan. 


Where to use your slogan

  • Firstly, A slogan can use on your restaurant main entrance so people quickly read that. 
  • Secondly, Slogan use on your visiting card
  • A slogan may be put in your menu booklet 
  • Slogan put in your packaging, while customers pack some food for home
  • A slogan can also write on your website header and footer area 
  • Lastly, Slogan write on your social media profile 

Some final talk About Cooking slogans.

Here is all about your cooking business or your restaurant. Keep in mind that a successful business is possible when you choose a good and catchy slogan. Your marketing is strong and you convey your message with great words. It stands your business high. Foodie people are everywhere. Everyone wants to taste new dishes and enjoy them. From children to adults everyone loves to eat foods from restaurants. So all the best for this business and carry on. You will be successful if you stay honest with your customers.

If you did not find this article helpful or it does not fulfill your needs than write us on or comment below with your cooking restaurant company or business detail.

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