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101 Innovative Automotive slogans & Taglines ideas

Written by Danish Ali

Are you going to step into the automotive industry? Looking for Automotive slogans & taglines? The automotive industry consists of a wide range of companies and organizations. This industry involves all areas i.e designs, development, manufacturing, making, and selling of motor vehicles. So whatever area you are choosing to start with, you need a strong marketing strategy. And for a better advertisement, you need an Automotive Business Slogans to hit the minds of this article we provide a complete guide on how to create a perfect slogan and also provide a list of automotive slogans ideas.

What are automotive slogans?

A slogan is a short punchline that represents the type of business you are in. Slogans have played a very important role in the development of the automotive sector. It helps to define the different brands and capture the imagination of the motor vehicle buyers. 

Well here you keep in mind there are two types of slogans and both serve different purposes. 

Advertisement slogans and business slogans

A business slogan explains your brand identity. It describes the kind of brand or type of product you provide. 

On the other hand, advertisement slogans are created for specific marketing campaigns. Business slogans are short and permanent while advertisement slogans are temporary and can belong.


How to write a business slogan for the automotive business.

Different brands of the automobile industry have used many catchy slogans to attract car lovers and to build a brand identity. 

After selecting your area from the wide range(designing, development, manufacturing or selling) of the automobile industry use that specific feature in your slogan. 

There are some essential points to be remembered while writing a good punchline for your automotive business. 

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1.Promote key benefits of  your automotive business

 There are hundreds of automobile companies working in marketing. Explain how you are different from your competitors. What new you have in your mind to offer thats making a difference. You have to brainstorm and creative to find a key benefit to accomplish. 

2. What are your commitments 

Buying a car or automobile is not like an ordinary thing. A customer has to invest a huge amount of money. So they are very choosy while selecting a good showroom to buy from. Making a trustful relationship with a customer is important. So don’t promise what you can’t deliver to your customers.  Your commitments matter a lot in building your trust.

3. Stay honest with your customers

in 2015 Audi’s marketing campaign ran in America with a slogan “truth in engineering”. But at the same time, its parent company was found involved in charging on IRS customers by hiding and omitting data for its diesel-powered cars. It had a very negative effect of their slogan. So be true and stay honest to your customers. 

4. Keep it short 

Long slogans are not good to listen and read. So keep your slogan short so that it can easily be remembered and saved in memory. NEVER FOLLOW is the shortest but remarkable slogan of Audi. 

What makes a bad slogan?

A slogan doesn’t sound good if it has the following qualities

  • Over Rhyming the slogan can damage its goodness to ears.
  • Over promising the things that you are unable to deliver
  • Offensive language against a race or your competitors can cause a negative effect.

Why are automotive slogans useful?

Slogans are very useful in the growth of your automotive business. In 1922 automotive pioneer Henry Ford said that “if you really had a good thing, it will advertise itself”. So he never rand an advertisement between 1917-1923. But the competitors gave them a real market threat. So the dealers if Ford themselves had to advertise for the automobiles. In this modern market era, only those companies will go forward who have better business and advertising slogans and campaigns.

Importance of automotive slogans

The automotive industry is the world’s largest industry. So in this crowd of companies, you need to build a unique identity so that customers can remember you and whenever they need anything in the future they come to you. Slogans are memorable and have a quality of creating visual memory in your brain. So it will help you a long way to stay in the hearts and minds of customers. 


Best Automotive slogans And Taglines ideas

  • A car that makes u proud
  • Autocare has done here.
  • Let us fix your car
  • Because you deserve the best
  • Come for expert work
  • we know what you want
  • Your care in safe hand
  • Give it a new look
  • Made for you
  • A car that you ever want
  • safe life with a perfect life
  • We give value to your car
  • We repair your favorite Car
  • Hands that understand car
  • Let fix together
  • Drive a safe life
  • keep your life in the Running form
  • We give wings to your car
  • Center where your car gets a new life
  • Giving your Life a Speed
  • Because you deserve a save life
  • Servicing for all Models
  • we take care of your car as a child
  • the perfect car for a perfect life
  • Auto repair is done here
  • We repair your dream car
  • your car needs a new look
  • let us build your dream car
  • give speed to wheel
  • A promise of true care
  • taking care of your car as a child
  • A new look to your car
  • Best services for best cars
  • Because your car deserves a new look
  • A car that gives you personality
  • Your car’s doctor
  • we know what your car want
  • For us each and every part is essential
  • perfect on focus
  • We are designed to protect you

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How to test your Automotive slogans?  

After brainstorming and selecting your Automotive Business slogans it’s also very important to testify it. There are plenty of ways to do this job. Involve your team to choose the best one and give reviews. Finally, you select the most agreed one slogan that truly represents the line of your automotive business. 


Where to use your Automotive slogans

Once selected automotive Business slogans can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Firstly, You can use your automotive business slogan in the header and footer area of your official page.
  • Secondly, In your email id signature 
  • On the packaging of your products.
  • In the business listing 
  • On your visiting cards
  • In all your social media pages and profiles.
  • Lastly, In your advertisements and media campaigns. 

Some final comments on Automotive slogans.

In this article, I have provided much-needed information about slogans. And also described a variety of slogans to select from. Still, if you have some queries feel free to write to us at and we will be there to help you out. 

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