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121 Powerful Slogan on Save Energy to Motivate people

Written by Danish Ali

We need a Motivational & powerful slogan on save energy. because Energy plays a vital role in the movement of life on earth. Saving energy not only reduces expenses but also protects the environment. That’s why Conserving energy resources are necessary for future use.

As our earth doesn’t have unlimited resources. Consuming resources wisely can guarantee the longer use of natural resources. save energy slogans can bring awareness to people to save energy. Catchy energy slogans will also bring a positive change in the environment. What are slogans and how they can help in energy-conserving? Let’s see in this article. 

What is a slogan

A slogan is a short catchy phrase of 5 to 6 words that draw attention to the event or the issue. It provokes the need to save resources. Energy demand is increasing as the population is increasing day by day. If not controlled it can lead to an energy crisis. Many countries are facing an energy shortage. So high lighting the issue is need of the day. Educating people to save energy and use it when needed most is very necessary. Slogans can play a vital role in this campaign. 


How to write a slogan

Writing slogans to save energy is a very crucial task for awareness campaigns. It draws the attention of the public to the sensitivity of the issue.  A slogan can convey the message more easily which can be saved in memory. As a result of this Every time you see an extra light, a slogan will move you to switch it off. 

Tips to write perfect save energy taglines/slogans

There are some points to be considered while writing a slogan. 

  • Keep your slogan shot and simple. It will stick to the mind. 
  • Define the key benefits of saving energy. Why it’s important to conserve energy resources so the issue can get the attention. The sooner we convince the people the more we save. 
  • Use rhythm, rhyme, and ring to make a memorable slogan.
  • Get inputs from people. Involving the public, concerning the energy department’s employees and students in generating slogans is a good idea. So you can have diverse perspectives and choose the most comprehensive one. 
  • Make a slogan that goes beyond time limits. this issue will be hanging over unless dealt smartly. We have to make it energy saving a habit. 

Why slogan on save Energy are important?

 Creating awareness among people for conserving energy is very crucial to deal with energy shortage. Slogans help people understand the issue and deal with it wisely. Energy saved today will brighten our tomorrow. So it is much needed to convey this message today. in other words, Slogans are the backbone of any awareness campaign. It gives meaning to your struggle.

Your message us being remembered for long tines if it conveyed through a well-constructed slogan as it sticks in the mind. slogan helps your job in a much easier way and less time. 


Powerful and Motivational Slogan on Save Energy

  • Energy saved is energy produced.
  • Just turn Off
  • Save energy, save money
  • Take control of your energy bills.
  • reserve live on the earth.
  • Save future Now
  • Be nice. Put the lights off.
  • Save energy, achieve synergy.
  • Keep on preserving.
  • Focus on Energy maintenance.
  • Go on saving.
  • Be cooperative. Turn the power off.
  • Be the saver of energy for the favor of earth.
  • Save energy it will save you later
  • no one without light
  • use energy smartly
  • conserve your life
  • Put a STOP to the energy waste
  • Save now to Secure Future
  • imagination without light is scary
  • everyone needs light
  • Save light to see more beauty in future
  • Feel it necessary to Worry.
  • Think, it’s not okay
  • Don’t let that light on
  • Don’t waste, it’s a risk
  • Give a long life to energy
  • Turn it off
  • save it better to survive
  • if you do not use turn it off Dude
  • More conserved resources, more reserved life
  • Save energy & Rule the world
  • Saving energy saves your money
  • Check your energy bills.
  • Be responsible, save energy
  • save it, can’t live without it
  • Spare one Watt; save a Lot
  • when the Sunrise turn off the light
  • Use energy the right way
  • Waste not save a lot

Above all are the best slogans that motivate everyone to save energy.

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How to test your slogan on save Energy?

Once you have completed the first step of slogan generation, the next comes testing. Give a trial to your slogan. Make a list of slogans that most accurately describe the issue. Then ask your team members, employees and the general public to give reviews. Tell them to include or exclude the things if they wish. Then carefully analyze their answers. It will give you a better vision. See what they include and exclude. You can also go for voting on social media forums. 


Where to use your Save energy slogans & taglines?

The last step in this process is where to use your slogans so it can get attention. Choose the places wisely so that you can access more and more people to get a message.  So here are some places where writing slogans can convey messages to more and more people. 

  • Firstly, In the header or footer area if your web pages 
  • Secondly, On the utility bills of the energy resources
  • On the posters, placards, and banners in the awareness campaigns. 
  • In all social media forums and profiles
  • In advertising and commercials.
  • Lastly, On the billboards and hoardings.

Some final talk on save energy slogan 

Consuming energy wisely is the need of the day. What we save today will be used tomorrow. To convey this message to people you need to bring this issue into the light. slogans will help you accomplish this task. In this article, I have written all the processes of slogan writing. Some examples are also given. But if you need more feel free to write to us at or comment below. 

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