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101 Attractive Hotel Slogans & Tagline Ideas or Suggestions

Hotel Slogan ideas
Written by Danish Ali

Looking for creative & unique Hotel slogans for your Next advertising or Marketing campaign? Want a Memorable Slogans & Advertising Punchlines? After Complete research & Analysis, we came up with Creative and Viral Slogans for your hotel. That makes your business a 2x growth and Saves money in advertising. If you are starting a new business or Expand your Hotel & restaurant business. Maybe you rebrand your company to hit the market & became a market trendsetter. You need a perfect business idea for Hotel & Came up with a unique Marketing Strategy for Hotel. But When you start a Business you Need a Hotel Business name & after that, you need a Hotel Business slogan.

What is the Hotel Business Slogan?

A slogan is a phrase or alines that represent your business, Product or Service. In this one line slogan, you have shown what kind of commitment & business service you give to your Customers. Keep in mind What`s your hotel Mission statement & Vision statement. Then you write a perfect Hotel Business slogan.

What is the Use Of slogans?

Slogans are the one line Presentation of your business. you can use this line to attract your potential clients so whenever you start a business or a rebrand your hotel business you have to focus on that line. The line is Called Slogan. If the slogan is good and represents your business in a good way. The audience of your business is attracted to you and your sales are double. So Before jump into the Hotel slogan ideas & suggestion paragraph, you have knowledge about how to Create a Business Slogan.

catchy hotel slogans and taglines
catchy hotel slogans and taglines

Tips To write an Attractive Slogans for Hotel.

If you are not a professional business content writer don`t worry about that. Here are some tips to create business slogans for Hotel.

Promote a key benefit of the Hotel:

Every business has a unique Benefit that differs then from the whole market and industry. In the Hotel business, you offer a Unique service and use it as a slogan to tell the customers. You are the best in the Town. Tell them in a positive way that how you are different from others what makes you unique and Attractive. Why people choose you rather than the decades-old Hotel.

What`s Your hotel commitment to Audience:

Here`s the most important point that what`s your commitment to the audience and customers. Why they choose you. If you commit Luxury & royalty use that in slogan to tell customers that you have a royal & Luxury Pleasure Hotel. Yes, it`s just as simple as you see. So make your commit the right point that convey the right message to your target audience.

Hotel Business Slogan is short & Creative.

In your daily life, you watch Commercial ads and Billboards or any kind of advertisement. After their logo, you see a tagline or a Slogan that represents a business and attracts you. the tagline is just three to five word and you easily read in seconds. Like that you make or choose a slogan for your hotel business carefully short & Creative so people easily read and remember your slogan. The remember that what kind of Hotel business you have & What kind of service you commit to them. Long slogans can`t memorable & customers can`t read lengthy phrases. So keep it short!

Make slogans with rhythm, rhyme, and ring.

Some companies have slogans that make laugh on your phase. some of that is creative and like singing so you remember & whenever you lost in thinking you just sing & Enjoy. That kind of slogan attracts more customers because of Emotions & Enjoyment. If you go for that kind of slogans take care of words related to your hotel business.

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Stay honest with your customers?

If you are new to business then the key to success is Honest with your business. if you don`t honest with your business you may be facing failure. like that, you are also honest with your customers. So Be Honest with that and use a word that in a slogan that makes your slogan an Honest and convey the message of honesty.

World’s popular Hotel & hospitality slogans To Get More Ideas.

Now you`ve tips that help you to make your Own slogan in Few hours of Smart working. But before that, you just get ideas from the real world Best Hotel slogans that give you a brief view that what kind of slogans exist. Some Famous & Popular Tagline & Slogans of Hotels.

  • Grand Hotel – Share a Grand Experience.
  • The Crown Hotel – Wells next the sea.
  • Millenium Hotels & Resorts – More than meets the eye.
  • Spa Paws Hotel – The lap of luxury.
  • Hilton Dusseldorf – We invite you to try it.
  • Cura Hospitality – Enhancing Life around great food.

What makes a bad slogan?

Everybody talks about How to write a Slogan? How to create them? Use of Slogan generators etc. But nobody talks about what kind of slogans are bad and why you don`t use that kind of slogans. Here are some key points that help you to separate the bad slogans.

Forcing rhymes: Use of Forcing Rhymes that not fit to represent your Hotel business and they kill your marketing strategy or advertising.

Overpromising: Don`t over-promise the Customers in slogans if you don`t have the potential to deliver. Like if you offer them luxuries in slogan & your hotel is not provide anything like that. It`s mean you kill your business by yourself via BAD SLOGAN!

Being offensive: Don`t focus on-trend or Environment & create a slogan that has a harsh world or attack on Competitor. Don`t Use that Kind of slogan!

hotel slogans
hotel slogans

Hotel Slogans & Tagline To Attract Visitors

Creative Hotel slogans & tagline for Hospitality & Tourism industry to attract more visitors and double your sales. Here are some of Hotel Slogans & Taglines

  • Making Guests Feel at Home
  • Happiness at Your Bed
  • New Ways To Open Old Doors
  • Happiness is staying in Our Hotel
  • Call us for a Plan
  • Luxury Must Be Comfortable
  • Hospitality is our Passion
  • Passion & Geniune Lifestyle
  • Home to another Home
  • Courteous Treatment every time
  • COllect your MOments
  • Excellence is our habit
  • Repeatedly excellence
  • Make it memorable
  • We Make sure Your Comfort
  • Try us We Have rest solutions
  • Take time Make soul Happy
  • Stay is a JourneyGreat service Think of you
  • keep your standards high
  • You`re looking so well Darling
  • Rest Journey in Single step
  • We make Customer not sale
  • We invest in rest
  • Kindness and courtesy
  • Greet Relate
  • Empathise Attitude and Thank
  • Thank Make us Great
  • Dont Call it a dream
  • We Fill your soul
  • This is not a Bloody hotel.
  • Memories of the way
  • The reality of the Way
  • Hospitality with Opportunity

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Is a controversial tagline a good idea?

Nowadays the trend is changing. if you just launch a campaign with some different perspective People may criticize you or maybe you Have viral within a few hours just keep in mind that doesn`t blame or heart someone.

Test Your Slogans To Get feedback:

Before launching your business just check what kind of slogan response you get. It`s easy to choose just three slogans and tell the family, colleagues, and customers which one is good and why. Don`t Explain to anyone and just check the results.

hotel taglines
hotel taglines

Where to use Your Slogans?

People don`t have an idea that what is slogan & tagline and where I use those punchlines use here are some of Place where you can use your slogans.

  • in your Hotel Website Header area.
  • on your Hotel business Cards
  • in your Offical email signature
  • on your product packaging
  • in Business listing
  • on your social media profiles
  • in Advertising & Marketing.

Some final Talk:

Last But Few words about Hotel slogans is to use or create a Slogan that fits your business. if You don`t have to find a business slogan that represents your business. Write an email at or comment below with your Hotel business name or Detail. We are happy to help you.

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